Company Introduction

       Qingdao Sunrise International Trade Co., Ltd., is committed to build a special chemical import and export trade and chemical technology consulting service platform, relying on graphene composite heat dissipation film, special gases, marine anticorrosive coatings, PE tarpaulin, 2-ethylanthraquinone, printing paper rubber production, ultra high purity aluminum series, calcium carbide production base, relying on polyurethane products technology, PDCPD RIM technology for lightweight material, surface fluorination technology for plastic products, double-screw continuous bulk TPU production technology to carry out engineering services. We depend on a strong chemical industry association network, In particular, we have rich practical experience on export licensing application of dual-use items. In the field of non-chemicals industry, relying on some strong manufacturing bases including wall-climbing robot for rust removal and paint spraying, precision bearing for robot, toughened vacuum glass equipment and products, BMS for EV-car, the portable "charge-in-one" battery device and charging pile, the ultracapacitor, special container and container building etc.. We also have an extremely perfect import and export service system at major ports in China, which enables our customers to experience smoothly our sample testing, product export, technical consultation, project proposal, one-stop hazardous goods logistics, chemical raw materials sourcing and market research and others.”

Our spirit:"Hard work,High efficiency,Professionalism,Enthusiasm"

Our values: “There is no effort, there is no gain"

Our purpose: “Grow and Develop together with our business partner. "